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The Lethbridge Amateur Speed Skating Association (LSSA)  enables skaters of all ages and skill levels to participate in the sport of speed skating. In addition to advancing the sport, individuals focus on personal as well as team growth through on and off-ice activities in a safe, inclusive, supportive, and fun environment.


The core values of the Lethbridge Amateur Speed Skating Association are: 

  • Safety

  • Community

  • Wellness and well-being

  • Positive attitudes, fair-play and fun

  • Sustainability 

The strength of our organization is deeply rooted in our committed group of volunteers. As a non-profit association with no paid positions, all work is completed by those willing to give of their time and expertise in order to create a sustainable organization and a sporting opportunity that is financially accessible. 


about Speed Skating

The two main types of Speed Skating are Short Track and Long Track and we compete in both.  We are also fortunate to be close proximity to one of the only 3 covered long tracks in Canada located in Calgary!  This provides us with additional training opportunities and our club has had much success in Long Track competitions.  See Great News on the Home page. 

Here is a little information about the different disciplines:


Short-track speed skating

In competitions competitors are timed while crossing a set distance, multiple skaters (typically between four and six) skate on an oval ice track with a length of 100 or 111.111 metres. Typically done in a ice hockey rink.  Race distances can range from 100 metres up to 3000 metres for some of the relay races.


Short-track speed skating was introduced as a demonstration sport at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. It was upgraded to a full Olympic sport in 1992 and has been part of the Winter Olympics ever since. 

Long-track speed skating

Olympic discipline of speed skating where competitors are timed while crossing a set distance.  The track is 400 metres in length and typically only a pair of skaters race at a time, although for younger skaters there are some mass start races.  Race distances can range from 100 metres to 10,000 metres! 

At the 1914 Olympic Congress, the delegates agreed to include long-track speed skating in the 1916 Winter Olympics.

Skating with US

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