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LSSA sends 5 skaters to the Canadian Youth Long Track Championships with 2 skaters finishing top 3

Updated: May 28, 2022

We are a short track club that is producing some top tier long track skaters. Five members from LSSA went to Quebec City for the championships and had great success with two skaters in the top 3!

T2T 11 Female

  • Zoe Wesseling - 15th Overall

T2T 12 Male

  • Gavin Ogilvie - 6th Overall

T2T 14 Female

  • Denise Wesseling - 12th Overall

T2T 14 Male

  • Zachary Adelman - 1st Overall. Gold in 500m, 1500m and Bronze in the team pursuit.

T2T 15 Male

  • Braeden Kremenik - 2nd Overall. Gold in 500m, Silver in 300m, and Bronze in the team pursuit

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